A day of Quotes…

The first European development 2012 day can be summarized through a few simple but very telling quotes, showcasing the vibes of the conference and the views expressed.

Old surroundings and new ideas.
As the conference is taking place on the wonderful Tour & taxis site, the surroundings for this conference contain a rich history. The symbolism could not be more fitting, as the European Union itself is not a new structure, it has been there for a while. And yet we all understand the need for innovation, for new ideas, to do a better job. The structures of the European Union want to be optimalised through cooperation, and who could be against that? Let the European Development days 2012 begin! 

Development aid is not only about money but also about values.
All too often in life we are consumed by money. How will we get it, how much will it be and how will we spend it? It almost makes us forget there are more important things in life. Mister Barroso reminded us about this and focused his attention, and that of the conference, on values. Inclusion, sustainability, cooperation, gender, urban governance and social security.

We cannot have poverty reduction without women’s inclusion.
On some level I already knew this. But the discussion on “Women’s entrepreneurship to reshape the economy through innovation” was so illuminating that I included it in this blog. One of the speakers, Tara Dawood was the first female CEO in Pakistan ever and is my inspiration of the day. She and the other speakers emphasize the need to include women in the economy and economic activities and the importance of developing entrepreneurship.

This first day was very interesting and I am looking forward to tomorrow!




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