First impression of the EDD

The first day of the EDD was very exciting, since it is the first conference of this kind which I am attending. There are three main topics which are being discussed:

  • Food Security

  • Private Sector

  • Inclusive Growth


Since it is impossible to tell everything which I´ve heard, I will put some topics, which I found the most interesting. Btw, the high level panels can be streamed here:

To start with a positive aspect, I find it very remarkable, that there are quite a number of representatives of the developing world present at the EDD. Those are not only government representatives, but also representatives of the poorest people. To give some examples:

Kalilou Sylla, Executive Secretary, ROPPA, Panafrican Farmer´s Organisation, PAFO

Céline D´Cruz, the Coordinator for Slum Dwellers International.

What I am so far missing at the EDD is to question growth in general. Can we go on with a constant economical growth, be it inclusive or not, or do we need something else, maybe simply a redistribution of wealth? Consuming less is the message of a recommendable movie called „Surviving Progess“ by Mathieu Roy & Harold Crooks.




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