The countdown can finally begin!

In only eight days, 6 motivated students will fly to Doha (Qatar) to attend to the UN Climate Conference, the so-called COP18. Our motivated team consists of four Belgian, one Indian and one American students, all studying in Brussels at the VUB, Erasmushogeschool Brussel and Vesalius College.

In Doha we will see how climate negotiations work, and what thresholds get in the way of an ambitious climate agreement. We will be joining the YOUNGO-network which aims for a climate agreement that ensures intergenerational equity for youth, children and future generations through a safe and stable climate. We will try to follow negotiations as closely as possible, lobby where we can,  organize some actions, … It is most certainly going to be an exhausting, yet exciting and instructive week!

Are you curious to know what we have seen or done, what our own impressions and concerns are and what actions we participated to? Then check out this blog regularly. You can also be updated through our Twitter account and by becoming fan of our Facebookpage. Comments on our posts are of course always welcome!

To start with, here’s some pictures of the group during the preparations for this trip.



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