A long day’s night

We have all arrived at Doha safely! The weather is superb and the city is just so busy partially because of the climate conference.  After a long and exhausting trip, we were still motivated to go explore Qatar’s capital city. You can certainly say all of us were quite impressed with the contrasts between old and new and the general atmosphere of the city.

Even though we had just been in Doha for a few hours, we still took up the opportunity to go check out the Sustainable Development Expo. It’s an exposition where businesses, nations and several organizations go to show the public their projects concerning a greener and more sustainable future.

Even though there were many genuinely interesting booths, we were under the impression that some companies just wanted to be at the expo to present themselves in a more positive light. 

One very interesting stand, was the one that showed projects that are in development for the Fifa 2020 World Cup, to be hosted in Qatar.
This will be the first time that Fifa would focus on organizing a competition with a CO2 neutral emissions goal. We hope this will sensitize the millions of soccer fans across the globe to act in order to combat climate change. 

Taiwanese artist Vincent J. Huang also set up a display which depicted endangered species and the effect climate change has been having on them. Dan got to be interviewed by a Taiwanese news channel to give his opinion on the matter.

There was a stall by the global restaurant chain Loving Hut which promoted veganism as one of the personal initiatives people could take. There were multi-media displays and interactive presentations on green initiatives being taken by some countries, such as Saudi Arabia.

Though we ended the day on a tiring note, we are quite excited about tomorrow. We would see the negotiations taking place at the conference hall and you can follow all the action live on twitter and of course here on our blog.

Stay tuned for more!






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