Meet the team!

ImageInes: Being passionate about new media and the Internet, Ines aims to find out what governments do to ensure a minimal environmental impact of today’s ICTs. Innovation and more technology go hand in hand nowadays. But will there be lively discussions at COP19 about sustainable new media product life-cycles and ICTs’ sustainable use of energy? Ines graduated in new media and communication studies, did research on Internet governance, works for the .eu domain name manager and started a master in European studies in September.


Isaac Rayola, 29, from Kenya, has previous professional experience in wetland and bird conservation at Nature Kenya and forestry at Earthcorps. Currently he is studying at Vrije Universiteit Brussel for his Master of Biology: Human Ecology. His interests in the climate negotiations are on biodiversity and agriculture in the context of adaptation and mitigation in the least developed countries.

ImageJason Fonteyn, 20 years old, studies Social Cultural Work at Erasmushogeschool in the heart of Brussels. He’s concerned about how the economic system controls everything, including climate change. By going to the COP, he hopes to understand why it’s so difficult to ‘solve’ climate change, knowing that there is no one solution…


Kerewin Sergeys, 21 years old, is in her 2nd year of social work studies at Erasmushogeschool Brussels. At COP19, she hopes to learn more about the political negotiations and the climate effects on humans.


Kinge Berends, 26 years old, is studying to get her Master degree in Medicine and in Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. She would like to understand the impact that climate change will have on public health, not from a simply theoretical point of view. She intends to be able to understand the medical and ethical responsibilities that the young generation will have to take.

ImageMary Katharine Phillips, 20, is an American studying at Vesalius College in Brussels. She is in her 3rd year, majoring in International Affairs. Previously she studied at Macalester College in the USA and interned for the Permanent Mission of Honduras to the European Union in Brussels. She is excited to see the negotiations and learn more about what she can do to promote sustainable living!

2013-11-06 23.59.25

Samuel (or just Sam) Lietaer is 26 years old. He was born and raised in Brussels, a great town! Sam studied Political Science, with one year in Bergen, Norway and then European and International Law at VUB. He later cycled from Brussels to China with a friend, an awesome experience! Within a few months, Sam will hopefully graduate with a degree in Law after his master’s thesis about the European migration policy oncerning “climate refugees” in Africa.. Before starting a job, Sam will first travel half a year through South America. Sam would like to work somewhere he could feel useful for people and/or the environment!


Sofie De Laet, 19 years old, is in her 2nd year of studying Landscape and garden architecture et Erasmushogeschool Brussel. She hopes to learn more about the negotiations and how cities can play a role in the future of our planet. She would one day love to be involved in projects about new urban lifestyles.


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