Debate: ‘How (not) to solve the climate crisis’.

Wednesday 6 November (at 19:00, in room B.0.31, at the VUB Campus), we’ll be debating together with Sebastian Oberthuer and Jo Dirix the status of the upcoming climate change negotiations. Everyone interested in climate change negotiations is warmly invited to join us and take part in the discussions.

This year a new report was published by the IPCC, the international board of climate scientists, confirming that climate change is real and that we humans contributed significantly to it. The question is: what to do about it? Is it the politicians’ responsibility to solve it? Then, why are they taking so long? Or is it our individual responsibility to solve it? Does climate change require a systemic change or a lifestyle change or both?

Confirmed speakers:
– prof. dr. Sebastian Oberthuer, IES/VUB (
– Jo Dirix, VUB (Centre for Ethics and Humanism;
– Moderator: Kinge Berends, VUB student and UCOS observer at the UNFCCC negotiations in Warsaw (


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