Hardly any space for Climate Refugees in the programme?!

2013-11-15 10.54.20At this 19th COP, there was only one meeting – moreover, ‘just’ a non-official side-event- dedicated to the millions of “Climate Induced Displaced Persons” or else known as so-called “Climate refugees”. It was a very emotionally charged discussion among representatives of these often forgotten and legally unrecognized people. They debated about hard facts, global climate (in)justice and equity.

The situation of all the people who a forced to leave their homes because of climate change was also discussed in another side-event next day (about Climate Change and Post-2015 Development Action), with almost the same panelists as the day before.

Also the Organization for World Scouts and Guides Movement had a little time at the “Climate change studio” to speak and draw something in solidarity for climate refugees. Very few people showed up and no media was present at all. (See the pictures and video with a ‘solution proposed by a scout from the Maledives, an island severely affected by climate change and that might eventually disappear due to rising sea levels.)

Elsewhere in the official programme, there is no title mentioning one of ‘climigration’ , while it could be “the most severe single impact of climate change” as the IPCC already stated in 1990 in its First Report!

Because the EU is fighting migration at the European borders and is separating itself more and more, on Saturday there will be an action: In front of the Frontex headquarter, we will build a European fortress wall and a sea with black crosses and sunken ships to symbolise the situation at the European borders. This is an initiative by Green Youth Germany and Young Friends of the Earth Germany who are fighting for legal protection of climate refugees and disapprove of the current European asylum policies.

For a deeper analysis of the place migration gets within COP 19, I invite you to read the next blog post below 🙂


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