The March towards a better future


Hundreds of police officers waiting for us, we felt like celebrities (or criminals, that’s your choice). 700 people at once came out of the train with their banners and lovely but decisive slogans, the Polish people didn’t know what they were seeing. The Belgian youth who’s aware about climate change is growing, I can tell you that!

At 14:30 we started our march through Warsaw, leaded by the same hundreds of police officers. Climate Justice… Now! The cold couldn’t stop us from our goal, putting some pressure on the negotiations. After the two hours march, we had the opportunity to listen to interesting speeches like the one of a man talking about the Philippines. At that moment, everyone went silent…. We could hear the emotion through his voice, it felt like all the Philippines were speaking at once. His words floted over the entire crowd, touching them right where it should. After his speech we went to the hostel to take a shower. Our journey had begun…



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