Our comment on the Warsaw WalkOut

Today, the major NGOs and social organizations confidently, however disappointed, walk out of the conference halls and handed in their entrance badges. The protest aims to raise awareness among government representatives: the Polish organization of this years’ Climate Change Conference is disappointingly passive and overal supports conservative values.

We attended numerous side-events this week. In many of them, representatives of governments, NGO’s or businesses called for awareness raising among citizens. People need to understand the urgency related to the need for climate action. Many speakers emphasized the need for immediate, worldwide climate education.

Today and the upcoming year, it will be essential that citizens all over the world will unite and get confident in their ability to make change happen. United we will stand. United, we will be able – if you believe it or not – to make governments and businesses understand.

Our message: don’t take a negative stance towards climate negotiations. We may not forget that, although results are limited right now in Warsaw, many grounds have already been created. A global momentum will be reached next year trough-out the culmination of small awareness-raising steps, every day. You may not be convinced, you may take a critical stance, but always remember that Karl Popper once said: optimism is our moral duty. Optimism and positive energy from those who understand is needed this year to convince those who are left behind, those who still don’t understand.

Ines & Kinge


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